Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election and Conversion

Good Wednesday...well the election mud-slinging is all done for another two years. I makes me feel good to exercise my right...the people have anything going to change? NO, it isn't!

Why you might ask? Because the Democrats won't change much of anything, including the war, and they will blame their inability to "fix" the problem on what the Republicans did. Then the country will elect a new President, who will blame the last administration for all the problems they inherited and their inability to fix them.

They will stay in power for the next eight years...unless they really mess up. By that time the country will be tired of them and change parties again...and the new administration will blame all the problems they inherit and their lack of ability to fix them on the last administration....are you seeing a pattern here!

Here's something to laugh about! Check out the joke!

John Smith was the only Protestant to move into a large Catholic neighborhood.

On the first Friday of Lent, John was outside grilling a big juicy steak on his grill. Meanwhile, all of his neighbors were eating cold tuna fish for supper. This went on each Friday of Lent. On the last Friday of Lent, the neighborhood men got together and decided that something had to be done about John, he was tempting them to eat meat each Friday of Lent, and they couldn't take it anymore.

They decided to try and convert John to Catholicism. They went over and talked to him and were so happy that he decided to join all of his neighbors and become a Catholic. They took him to Church, and the Priest sprinkled some water over him, and said, "You were born a Baptist, you were raised a Baptist, and now you are a Catholic."

The men were so relieved, now their biggest Lenten temptation was resolved. The next year's Lenten season rolled around. The first Friday of Lent came, and just at supper time, when the neighborhood was setting down to their tuna fish dinner, came the wafting smell of steak cooking on a grill.

The neighborhood men could not believe their noses!


They called each other up and decided to meet over in John's yard to see if he had forgotten it was the first Friday of Lent?

The group arrived just in time to see John standing over his grill with a small pitcher of water. He was sprinkling some water over his steak on the grill, saying, "You were born a cow, you were raised a cow, and now you are a fish."


  1. Live, Love, Laugh said...
    Bernita said...
    Well, we have, on excellent authority, that water can be changed into wine, so...
    Anonymous said...
    Very funny!
    Soul Reflections said...
    That's sad.
    Anonymous said...
    Sorry that you are so pessimistic. I'm not a Repub or Demo, but I believe things can get better.
    Anonymous said...
    I'm a news junkie, especially during elections. At least I can stop watching so much news now.

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