Friday, August 31, 2007

Truth or Consequences

by Bonnie Calhoun

This is some Philosophy and a Joke combined that is designed to make you a better person!!!

Keep this philosophy in mind the next time you hear or are about to repeat a rumor especially via e-mail. Many rumors can be checked out using or some other rumor checker. This should be marked as a "favorite" so one can easily refer to it.

I do not mind policial jokes but there has been false statements about Bill & Hillary Clinton and some about George W. Bush. There have been false rumors that one can unlock their car doors using their cell phone and their spouse using the spare remote to open the door. etc. etc. etc.

I am not a lawyer but when false statements are spread about people I consider it libel and slander. Try to use the TEST OF THREE, it will make one a better person!!

In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC), Socrates was widely
lauded for his wisdom.
One day the great philosopher came upon an
acquaintance, who ran up to him excitedly and said,
"Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of
your students...?"

"Wait a moment," Socrates replied. "Before you tell
me, I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called
the Test of Three."
"Test of Three?"
"That's correct," Socrates continued.
"Before you talk to me about my student let's take a
moment to test what you're going to say. The first
test is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what
you are about to tell me is true?"

"No," the man replied, "actually I just heard about it."
"All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know
if it's true or not. Now let's try the second test,
the test of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me
about my student something good?"
"No, on the contrary..."

"So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me
something bad about him even though you're not certain
it's true?"
The man shrugged, a little embarrassed.
Socrates continued, "You may still pass though because
there is a third test - the filter of Usefulness.
Is what you want to tell me about my student going to
be useful to me?"
"No, not really..."

"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell
me is neither True nor Good nor even Useful, why tell
it to me at all?"
The man was defeated and ashamed and said no more.
This is the reason Socrates was a great philosopher
and held in such high esteem.

It also explains why Socrates never found out that
Plato was banging his wife.


  1. Denise McDonald said...
    so wrong {shaking head} yet so funny
    Marie Elisa Scott said...
    Wow, this article is great. I enjoyed reading it. Unlike other personal development articles... huh... very boring. Keep up the good work!

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