Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Build A Following on Facebook

These ideas are especially informative for people using Facebook Pages, but they can also be just as important to people trying to build a public Profile.

1. Stay Fresh…Our new lot in life is to keep up with the world. And to that end you should try to keep the postings on your Facebook current. Share what you’ve posted on your blog…or on your Twitter. (You can hook all of them together with Twitterfeed). Share what you’re reading, or even what you’ve read during the day. Sharing things that you find relevant give people a glimpse into your “flavor.”

2. Be Real…This is especially important if you are posting on a Facebook Page as opposed to a Profile. On a Page you are displaying your “brand” or business. People like to connect with the “power behind the curtain.” Let them know who you are in a personal way. But by the same token, remember, that what you put on Facebook doesn’t necessarily STAY on Facebook, so always portray the image you wish to promote.

3. Talk to Your Peeps…don’t just sit back and bask in the comments people are leaving. Engage with them, respond to comments, add to the discussion. Your response to comments…and to criticisms with shape what people think of you.

4. It Takes a Village…participate in the discussions and encourage your visitors to also post interesting stuff on your wall. LOL…I’m not talking about the apps…but legitimate content.

5. Take It Slow…don’t try to go overboard all at once. You have to build up to taking on these kind of roles especially if you’ve been a quiet type person. Going too fast will make you feel overwhelmed, especially if you are posting in multiple locations. Remember…slow and easy wins the race.



  1. Suzanne said...
    Excellent post, Bonnnie. All of these tips are very doable for even the newbie to FB.

    A note about not overdoing it: If you try, FB will first slap you on the wrist with a warning about "abusing" the friending feature, then give you a several day suspension if you don't ease up significantly. If you still refuse to ease up, they will cut you off completely.
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    LOL...yes...they most certainly will! So the idea is to be so interesting that people are beating down your door to become YOUR friend :-)
    Jack and Mary said...
    Great ideas! We started a FB account to catch up on old friends and simply enjoy their company, but we've found an added benefit of getting word out about our books. We are often pleasantly surprised by unsolicited reviews, followed by a flurry of friends asking where they can get a copy of our latest book, followed by an improved Amazon ranking.
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    Facebook is a huge untapped tool for the right approach to marketing.
    Caroline said...
    Bonnie, great post. Needed the reminder! I've been so busy, I've neglected FB lately. thanks!
    Anonymous said...
    Great post, Bonnie! Now will you write about Twitter? I still don't get it? I tweet, but I don't know why? I guess it is because I'm a good southern girl and I do as I am told. ;)
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    ROFLOL...Lord help us all! I don't know why I Twitter either Linda!
    Linda Glaz said...
    Hey, why haven't I been following you before???? Great post, good advice!
    Cheryl Linn Martin said...
    Thanks for the suggestions, Bonnie! I, too, was not aware of this blog--I think I had a different one bookmarked. But now I'm a follower. Yay!
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