Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Up...I'm Down...I'm Back Up

Okay...There is a full range of emotions going on here!

My debut novel is on as an ARC for bloggers to review.

This has caused me immeasurable joy...and numerous bouts of wanting to throw up. What was I thinking? The writing of the book part was great fun, but now people have to read it! Well they don't HAVE to read it, but that's another part of the angst. Yikes, what if they don't want to read it?

I am so psyched. This doesn't seem real. And the nail biting starts!!! Will they like me? Will they throw me at the wall? Arghhhhh...did I really want to be a writer???? *snort-giggle*

I have found that ranting is part of my character today. Apart from throwing myself to the floor and blubbering like an idiot. What was that you said? Yes, you could see that....stop peeking! I'm still in my nightgown t-shirt and my hair is not combed and my face is not slathered with makeup!

I feel like Sybil with 20 people inside of me :-) Wait, that may be a good thing. Maybe that's why I hear all those voices in my head...hey! Each of them has a story...Now we're cookin' *snort-giggle*

And every one of them better give me a story or I'm gonna kick them to the curb!

Who do I write like, you ask? Is it a cozy?

No...and the cozy. There are a lot of laughs...but real harrowing suspense...and real mystery. Abingdon had a hard time classifying it, so it got a whole boatload of tags. I'm praying that I create a whole new genre! If you have ever read any of Janet Evanovich's earlier Stephanie Plum series (when her writing rocked)...I'm sorta like her, but without the sex. (or at least I think I am. People will let me know.) :-0



  1. Mocha with Linda said...
    Oooh! Heading to Net Galley!
    Raquel Byrnes said...
    Love your cover, Bonnie!
    Linda Glaz said...
    You know you're so excited you can hardly stand it!

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