Monday, January 14, 2013

A Bookless Library?

The day has arrived. We are part of the future! LOL...remember the movies when we were young (well that is if you are fifty+) like Logan's Run or Time Machine where they went to libraries where there were no books, but crazy crystals and 3-D readers?

Well with the advent of e-readers, we have arrived.

Recently numerous libraries have made the news by opening e-book sections but now comes a whole "bookless" library. What an advancement. I can envision this being everywhere in a pretty short time. And will also rent e-readers.

I can see this creating a whole new cottage industry for e-reading apps and such. What a boon it would be for college kids to be able to save money and get their schoolbooks by reader app. Or think how much it could save school districts on buying textbooks.

Here's an article about the first "Bookless Library" at the The Bexar County, Texas satellite office.



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