Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I recently completed my first novel, Touched by Fire. It was accepted for the July monthly report by Writers Edge Manuscript Service. I'm on page 13 of the July report. The link at the bottom of my entry CaB1378705 will lead you to my first chapter in the section entitled Writers voice. I am currently working on the second book in the series, entitled E-Bomb, and have created a synopsis for the third book, entitled Nanotech Virus.

I begin with that preface because all of this diligence led to my latest mishap. I needed a new computer. So looking down the road at future circumstances, I decided on a laptop. The only problem with that is that any computer not built to the Stone Age, now has Windows XP. I had sworn that I would have to have my cold, dead hands wrestled from my Windows 98. I loved the little bugger. It acted like a friend. It felt familiar everytime I turned it on. I knew every curve, every glitch, every window.

Then the divorce happened and I was thrust into the hostile, unresponsive (especially when I hit the wrong key) world of the dreaded XP. Where, oh where did they hide my single click format? Well, determination took over, and vowing to overcome, I forged ahead. Thirteen hours later, I had deleted all the junk from my desktop that had an advertisement in it, installed the printer, scanner and digital camera, and the 15 programs I use on a regular basis.

Feeling pretty proud of myself, I decided to check out the CD sound. Mind you, I never paid any attention that there was no sound on startup or when the dial-up was dialing-up. Not knowing XP, I didn't know what to expect. Well, I stuck a music CD in and the screen came up showing that it was playing, but I had no sound. I spent 6 hours putting back the software that might have deleted a sound driver, rereading the book, standing on my head, and whistling the Star Spangled Banner (well I didn't actually, but I would have if it would have made the sound come on!) Finally I decided that my only recourse was to reformat the hard drive with the original CD and start again. I whined, I moaned, and generally made a nusiance of myself, but finally did it, put the Notebook back to 'factory-out of the box condition'. I felt dejected, but at least I had accomplished a task that I had never attempted before. I put the music CD in the tray. The screen came up that it was playing, but still no sound. I pouted, I ranted, I said a few prayers that I wouldn't go out and play in traffic, and I sat there, staring at the silent little bars moving up and down devoid of sound.

Last resort, I decided to call Toshiba (oh, by the way, I have the the A85-Satellite notebook) Here's how the conversation went:

Little man with India type accent: "How may I help you?"
Crazy woman with wild eyes: I explained the problem.
Little man: " Ahh, what notebook do you have?"
Crazy woman: "The A85."
Little man: "Ahh, are you at computer now?"
Crazy woman: "Yes."
Little man: "One moment please. Ahh, look along front edge of computer on right side."
Crazy woman bends over and looks at edge.
Little man: "Do you see little black wheel set into case?"
Crazy woman: "Yes"
Little man: "Turn wheel to the right."

Music blared from the speakers set into the top edge of Notebook.
Crazy lady, very controlled: "Thank you, have a nice day."

Then I proceeded to scream for the next four minutes. In revisiting the book, there is nothing in there about a little wheel! But I do love my new Notebook. This is turning into a marriage made in heaven. God is good! Soon, I'll be familiar enough with it to continue writing, instead of exploring.

P.S. I found the single click feature in the folders option. Love that single click!


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