Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhog Day

I'm Bonnie and I'm a carb-a-holic...Uh...oh....wrong forum :-)

Okay the month of January has passed us by like so many snowflakes. Now we're looking forward to Groundhog Day...(loved that movie). The PETA people want to get rid of the real Phil and make them use an animatronic or some such nonsense! People get a grip! Punxsutawney Phil has a better live than most children!
Go Here to see his real life with his wife...yes...the marmot has a wife!

 And also this month is Valentine's Day...(when are they going to finally go PC and banish little naked butted cherubs from shooting people in the beh inds with arrows to force them to fall in love! There aughta' be a law. Don't the Native American Indians have something to say about that...sheesh...they didn't like the tomahawk chop, so what's with all the arrows?

Anyhow...what did you accomplish for January?...I lost 11 lbs and gained 19,320 words on my new WIP...Yahoo!

by Bonnie Calhoun

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