Monday, April 17, 2006

Good Monday morning! I trust everyone had a happy and blessed Resurrection Day!

Being an Upstate New Yorker, I enjoyed these little ha ha's that come to me by way of Jeff Foxworthy...Enjoy our culture!

If you consider it a sport to gather your food by drilling through 36 inches of ice and sitting there all day hoping that the food will swim by, you might live in Upstate New York. We have an almost annual Crappie Derby...In January this year the ice was too thin!

If you're proud that your region makes the national news 96 nights a year because Saranac Lake is the coldest spot in the nation, and Buffalo gets more snow than any other major city in the US, you might live in Upstate, NY.

If your local Dairy Queen is closed from October through May, you might live in Upstate New York

If you instinctively walk like a penguin for six months out of the year, you might live in Upstate New York.

If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance, and they don't work there, you might live in Upstate NY. They do it at Lowe's too!

If your dad's suntan stops at a line curving around the middle of his forehead, you might live in Upstate New York.

If you have worn shorts and a parka at the same time, you might live in Upstate New York.

If your town has more bars than churches, you might live in Upstate New York.

If you have had a lengthy phone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number, you might live in Upstate New York. Been there, done that! They were looking for Bonnie...only not me! It took several minutes before I figured out that I had no idea who I was talking to!


"Vacation" means going South past Syracuse for the weekend. I live in the South...who knew!

You measure distance in hours.

You know several people who have hit a deer more than once. Right here! *she waves*

You often switch from "heat" to "A/C" in the same day and back again. Morning, afternoon, and evening!

You can drive 65 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard, without flinching. Yeehaw! Doesn't everybody?

You install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked. I don't have any...but the lights are to see when animals trip the circuit...that way you know where the coyotes are!

You carry jumper cables in your car and your girlfriend/wife knows how to use them. Yea, baby...doesn't everyone?

You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit. Being a seamstress, I've been there more than once!

Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow. AMEN!

You know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction. That about sums it up!

You can identify a southern or eastern accent. Well, yea!

Down South to you means Corning.

A brat is something you eat. Love, love, love it!

Your neighbor throws a party to celebrate his new shed.

You go out for a fish fry every Friday. Usually make it myself!

Your 4th of July picnic was moved indoors due to frost. Been there more than once!

You have more miles on your snow blower than your car. Not quite but it's running a close second!

You find 10 degrees "a little chilly." That about sums it up!

You actually understand these jokes, and you forward them to all your
Upstate New York friends and to those who've seen your license plate!!

Julian Beever is an English artist who's famous for his art on the pavement of England, France, Germany, USA, Australia and Belgium . this one is to be viewed upside down, so I flipped it!


  1. Mirtika said...
    I wish we had some of that cool sidewalk art here. I love dat!

    Bonnie-babe, maybe it's my wonky computer (soon to be replaced), but your subject heading for UPSTATE NY/3-D Art is way separated from the body of the entry. Just a heads up in case it's NOT my wonky puter.

    Mir<--gots a cold
    Mirtika said...
    Oh, you know, that happened to me once and, if I recall right, it was the punctuation I used in the header. Like the ellipses, maybe?

    Anonymous said...
    Hi there, what a great sight and lovely to see some Julian Beever as his street-art is huge over here in the UK. keep on blogging as I enjoy stopping by!

    Dave Shutt
    jel said...
    Morning Bonnie!

    love it! :)

    have a good one! (day)
    Bernita said...
    Sounds colder than Canada!
    Denise McDonald said...
    my dad is from Jersey - so, I know some of those...

    great pic - do you think he has a book - I'd buy it!
    Nephos said...
    I'm from Virginia but that was still hilarious. (Did you catch my accent?)

    Thanks for the great humor! Love starting a day with a laugh.
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    Mir...It looks alright on my computer....Help! Anybody see the header separated from the body of the post?

    Hi Dave welcome! Come again!

    Morning sweet Jel!

    Bernita...I have seen times on the weather channel when our weather was colder than yours...LOL

    Dennie, I'd buy the book too, but I don't know!

    Hey Cameron, thanks for stopping by! Come again!
    Sandra Ruttan said...
    That art is phenomenal.

    And Upstate New York sounds a lot like Canada.
    Anonymous said...
    I don't care what you New Yorkers say--Corning is not "upstate." :-P Being from Vermont, I can say that (my hubbie's from Corning, and we both live in Virginia now).

    PS That artwork is awesome! Where ya getting all these pictures?
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    Sandra, my dear...some days I'd rather be in that sunny northern land of yours...LOL

    Nessili...repeat after me...Corning is upstate, Corning is upstate...See what you have to realize is New York City is considered the south of the state...and they....the City...consider anything outside of their jurisdiction....upstate...LOL
    Anonymous said...
    My wife nessili might disagree but I still count Corning (my home town) as Upstate NY! :)
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    LOL...Thank you Mr. Nessili! you'd better run 'cause I think I hear her coming after you...LOL!
    David Meigs said...

    I think this was my favorite 3-D art yet.

    I bet the artist has a lot of fun with the reactions of the crowds. Kind of like gluing a silver dollar to the sidewalk.
    M. C. Pearson said... I live in the South...who knew!


    I never thought I'd be a Southerner...but I know you won't be if you have breath in your body. You crack me up!

    The parka and shorts was a common thing for me growing up in California.

    Halloween...the kids need those flimsy little things so they don't sweat to death. The last three Halloweens here, my kids tore off their costumes and begged for ice-cream and cold water!

    Love the art, of course. AWESOME!
    Ballpoint Wren said...

    1. I know how to use jumper cables!

    2. I'm often asked for help in Home Depot and in Barnes & Noble, and I give it, if I can. I must look official or something. One lady asked me carry her bag of lawn mulch for her!

    3. Ditto shorts and parka in So Cal.

    4. If your town has an equal number of bars and churches, it's probably Dallas (lived there, too)

    5. I have lots of conversations with wrong numbers, either they dialed me or I dialed them... this drives Hubby up the wall!

    6. So Californians also measure distances in time units, as in, "If you go at 1 pm, it's only 20 minutes, but if you go at 5, it'll be three hours!"

    7. We switch from heat to A/C to heat in one day, too, although sometimes I use the A/C just to clear out the humidity caused by a van full of teenagers.

    8. Our neighbor threw a party to celebrate his new gazebo.

    9. We find 55 degrees to be "a freakin' blizzard."
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    Oh..LOL...Ballpoint...that's hysterical!!!!I love it!

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