Sunday, September 24, 2006

Missing Logo

You may notice a little box with a red x on the left sidebar...Well Blogger has absconded with the logo for the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. You can still click the x to go there or just use the link on the top NavBar. We hope to have it back soo...sorta' like a "Where's Waldo" thing!


  1. Mirtika said...
    the purple and pink blog makeover's yummy. Are you keeping this one, or just trying it out?

    Anonymous said...
    The real question is why were up at 3 in the morning fussing with it?
    M. C. Pearson said...
    x's, x's everywhere. They have gone, I know not where. But in time, they may resurface. If blogger stops bein' a horses arses.

    Ar ar.
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    I'm not sure's really just nt my personality...I'm playing...linke I don't have enough to do!

    Ric...cause I'm always fussing...that is my life! What else is ther to do....sleep...write...mwhahaha!

    Mimi, Mimi, Mimi...we're getting fiesty with the new move?
    Mirtika said...
    Keep fiddling, Bonnie.

    Or go take advantage of the BLUEBIRD BLOGS special. I just emailed them this week to redo my Once UPon A Novel blog. I mean, they got real low prices and I've seen their sample blogs. Nice.


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