Monday, July 16, 2007

Real and Funny Spider Story

by Bonnie Calhoun

LOL...talking to my buddy Mimi Pearson this past weekend inspired me to relate an incident from almost twenty years ago...Edags, how time flys when your having fun! But I digress, Mimi was watering her garden and ran into a honking huge spider, the size of her little fist! It reminded me the same!

Once, years ago when I worked in corporate america, we noticed a rather robustly large spider walking across the factory floor! What made it noticeable you might ask?Well it was the twenty or so women all balancing precariously on top of their rolling chairs...and screaming to high heavens.

One of the macho-ly brave, so-called spider-slaying men in the group came to our, uh, er their aid.

The spider was trapped in a bell jar.

Now the fun began! The men wanted to examine this predatory trophy, so they slid the jar under a microscope...the kind that swivel for circuitboard work.

Lo and behold, what made this spider look so huge-normous was the fact that she was carrying a couple hundred babies on her back.

Needless to say...all us women took an extended break until the pincers of death vacated the premises!


  1. Stephen Newton said...
    Hey have fun at the conference and much good luck!
    M. C. Pearson said...
    LOL...I didn't see this until now! Hilarious!
    Anonymous said...
    This spider is very very small this animal but real and funny spider story.

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