Wednesday, October 26, 2005


At Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, this month we are reviewing Dark Star : Confessions of a Rock Idol.

This is Creston Mapes first novel and I can honestly say I hope he creates subject matter for many more. The story is compelling from the very beginning. I thought I was reading the real confessions of a rock star, his rise to fame, the power, wealth, drugs, and alcohol.

I like how Creston goes back and forth telling the rocker's life story from the Rock Star's point of view. It was easy to distinguish the past from the present because when the Rocker Everet Lester is reliving the past as he commits his life to paper, it's in regular print. You are woven right into the story including the dark side that many stars visit in the form of psychics and the dark side of the spirit world.

Then you come forward to the present, where the type is in bold. Everet Lester, our rocker is on trial for murdering his personal psychic. As he sits in jail the only solace he receives is from a Christian girl from Topeka, Kansas that starts writing to him. She offers his a hope that he's never had before.

This is a must read. Cudos to Creston Mapes!


  1. Live, Love, Laugh said...
    sounds like it would be an interesting read, I will have to see if I can find it.
    M. C. Pearson said...
    Good review Bonnie! I totally loved it too. You should send Creston an e-mail and let him know your blogger address. He would love to see this.
    Shelley L. MacKenzie said...
    Sounds like it would be good to read.
    Anonymous said...

    Thanks again for your coverage on Dark Star!

    Blessings to ya.

    John 14: 27

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