Monday, October 24, 2005

New Olympic Sport

In the last week or so, I seem to have created a new Olympic sport...shooting coffee out my nose. Now, I have discovered that this has a somewhat cathartic effect on my sinuses, while my new friend Ric Marion battled with his sinuses, and after extended agony, finally went to the Doctor's for medicine. The sweet man has taken to calling me 'Bonnie-the Crazy Lady'. All I can say is that he must be extra-perceptive; it usually takes normals about a month to come to that conclusion! But I digress....

I stumbled upon my own solution. A cathartic is defined as a medicine for stimulating evacuation get the idea....same church, different pew (as my mother would say).

Anyhow.....what caused these....Metamucil moments of the mind.....Blogs. Blogs that were just sudden inanely funny points, or in two cases in particular, so over the top, unexpectedly 'in your face' funny, that I've sworn off coffee and Blogging at the same time.....yea right!

Now you have to have the scene set for this moment. I bopped over to Christian author Brenda Coulter's Blog. The post is titled "A few words about underwear". Okay fine.....she acknowledges that the title's going to draw strange traffic and that at the mention of the preceding unmentionables, her mother just fainted. (Sip of coffee here) Then she goes to extol the virtue of 'slack' vs 'pants' in the American vs British vernacular. (Another sip of coffee).

Now since I'm almost to the bottom of the cup and hate to drink it cold, I threw back the last large gulp of hot caffeine laced beverage as I read the words, "I am in a position to know(although I can not reveal where I obtained this information) that many young men, at least the ones who don't have ten inches worth of boxer shorts showing above their low slung jeans, are eschewing underwear these days. They call it 'going commando'. (There went my last gulp of coffee, out the nose, all over the keyboard and the LCD).

They say that as a writer, your goal is to create a word picture in one's mind. Congratulations Brenda...except....I didn't need THAT picture in my mind all day! But I do have to say, every time I think about it I snort!

Then another physical cleansing of the sinuous orifices came on Saturday when I visited another of my favorite authors' Blogs. I must set the author profile for this one..... She is Lisa Samson a special favorite because I met her at our local Christian Writer's Conference this summer. Lisa is a free spirit, laid back, and a genteel soul that puts you at ease, no matter which of her seventeen christian, inspirational fiction books, you are talking about. With that all said....all I can say is "Thank God, I got a plastic shield for my keyboard. You have to go to her Blog and see THIS one for yourself! I have no words...well that's not true...I just don't want to use the one's I'm thinking! ROFL, Lisa!

It isn't always funny, although I have a warped sense of humor, sometimes it is just the unexpected place that elicits the 'projectile approach'. Then again, maybe it's too much coffee.....nah....I usually catch up to me by the third cup. To all my fellow bloggers...Blog On!


  1. Brenda Coulter said...
    Sheesh, Bonnie, you're awfully sensitive, aren't you? ;-)

    Hey, I like the layout of your blog. Very classy.
    Anonymous said...
    very funny - and, yes, I'm feeling quite a bit better.
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said... crack me up on a daily basis. I've just got to learn to read before I sip...Thanks for the compliment on the Blog. I'm learning html and css. It's a lot of trial and error....more error than trial!

    Ric...who loves ya'.....glad your better...funny how going to the doctor can do that :-)
    M. C. Pearson said...
    Hey now, I just don't understand how you get so much writing done while blogging! You told me to cool it but look at you! You coffee snorter you!

    Funny post...gee, someone calls YOU crazy???

    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    Snort, snort...I'm up 'til 2AM and I've taken to carrying the laptop to my store with me during the day!
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