Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus Suspended!

by Bonnie Calhoun

First Howard Stern gets me riled up. Now Don Imus has taken his place as man most likely to need my prayers so that I don't contemplate running him over with a speeding vehicle.

After a career of cranky insults, radio star Don Imus was fighting for his job Monday following one joke that by his own admission went “way too far.”

At least there is the satisfaction that it was announced today that he has been suspended for two weeks. So bear up you Imus junkies, MSNBC has announced that the simulcast for Imus In The Morning will be suspended for two weeks!

On Friday, he apologized on air. And Monday, he went on Al Sharpton's radio talk show, attempting to make amends. Sharpton had many questions. Imus, trying to explain the nature of his show, told Sharpton that he often mixes humor with news and current events and added that it sometimes does not work.

"Our agenda is to try and be funny," Imus told Sharpton. "And sometimes we go too far. This time we definitely went too far." Imus then went on to add that he didn't intend to offend anyone with his comments and wasn't thinking in racial terms.

"I wasn't even thinking racial," he said. "I was thinking a West Side Story thing. One side is tough; the other side is not."

And after hearing his contrite stance on "...not thinking racial.." Do you want to now know what the offending statement was? He referred to members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.” Now tell me how that could be construed as anything BUT racial.

Some people just have no couth! And I add Don Imus to that list!

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  1. Bernita said...
    His new career is selling bridges.
    Paris David said...
    I hate that Blogrithm!

    Switch to Feedburner or something if you'd like..

    (Cheese...smiles...happy day!)
    Anonymous said...
    I've never cared for Imus. His whole career is filled with remarks that go way too far, if you ask me.

    Hope you're doing well!

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