Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sanjaya is GONE!!!!

by Bonnie Calhoun

LOL...I'm not even upset that most of my pictures have disappeared...LOL...Blogger Employee Buzz over on the Google/Blogger help boards, said they have identified the problem and it should be fixed within the hour...LOL...if it's daylight and the pix are still MIA...they didn't get it!

I'm gleefull and exuberant because...Sanjaya is GONE...voted into American Idol oblivion. Simon Cowell almost did a jig! the order of the niverse has returned! Take that Howard Stern!!!!!


  1. Paris David said...
    Oh my goodness, I wonder when your pics will return?

    I'd better poke around your other posts and see what's up.

    Mirtika said...
    YOu and me both, sister. I was squealing with joy at his buh-bye boot.

    I was worried Kiki was gonna go (cause, okay, she picked a really bad song and wrecked the same note like three times). But even on her WORST day, Lakish is better than Sanjaya.

    I think Melinda deserves to win, but that Jordin is just adorable, and Kiki still has it in her to blow away the audience. We'll see.

    I'll plotz if Phil or Chris aren't the next to go.


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