Wednesday, January 31, 2007

GERM by Robert Liparulo

This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducting GERM(WestBow Nov 1, 2006) by Robert Liparulo


Robert's novel paints a scenario so frighteningly real that six Hollywood producers were bidding on movie rights before the novel was completed. His acclaimed debut novel, Comes A Horseman, is being made into a major motion picture by producer Mace Neufeld and his short story "Kill Zone" was featured in the anthology Thriller, edited by James Patterson.

Robert is an award-winning author of over a thousand published articles and short stories. He is currently a contributing editor for New Man magazine. His work has appeared in Reader's Digest, Travel & Leisure, Modern Bride, Consumers Digest, Chief Executive, and The Arizona Daily Star, among other publications. In addition, he previously worked as a celebrity journalist, interviewing Stephen King, Tom Clancy, Charlton Heston, and others for magazines such as Rocky Road, Preview, and L.A. Weekly. He has sold or optioned three screenplays.

Robert is an avid scuba diver, swimmer, reader, traveler, and a law enforcement and military enthusiast. He lives in Colorado with his wife and four children.

He is currently working on his third novel.


If you breathe, it will find you...

The list of 10,000 names was created for maximum devastation. On it are business leaders, housewives, politicians, celebrities, janitors, children. None know what is about to happen...but all will be part of the most frightening brand of warfare the world has ever known.

The GERM...a more advanced form of the Ebola virus...has been genetically engineered to infect only those people whose DNA matches the codes embedded within it. If your DNA is not a match, you simply catch a cold. But if your DNA is a match, within days your internal organs liquefy and you die a most painful death. There is no cure.

The release of the virus would usher in a new era of in which countries are left without any form of defense, where one person or millions could be killed with 100% accuracy yet result in no collateral damage to property or those not targeted.

That time isn't coming...It is now!

GERM is coming. Pray the assassins get you first.

I can't say enough good things about this book. I love Bob Liparulo's writing...check it out. This is the first know the subject be prepared!

Hardly resembling a man anymore, the thing on the bed jerked and thrashed like a nocturnal creature dragged into the light of day. His eyes had filled with blood and rolled back into his head, so only crimson orbs glared out from between swollen, bleeding lids. Black flecks stained his lips, curled back from canted teeth and blistered gums. Blood poured from nostrils, ears, fingernails. Flung from the convulsing body, it streaked up curtains and walls and streamed in dark pools on the tile floor.

Egads...I love this man's writing!


  1. Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    *Sigh* I'm just commenting to see that all my parts are's not old age, but New Blogger...It got made me...I didn't want to...*snort* so far, so good...I think!
    Anonymous said...
    Drink 8 glasses of water a day,and wash your hands and face very often everyday. Thats my moto. I use germicide to clean the house with too,by Shakly.
    Bernita said...
    Pardon me, but...geesus!
    What a concept!
    Of course I like the enforcement and military enthusiasist bit too...
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    LOL...BJ...that's what so sinister about GERM...the only way you can avoid it, is to stop breathing...

    ROFLOL, Bernita...This is not your mother's christian fiction. There are so many new christian writers popping on the scene with novels that rival the likes of Clancey and King!
    Paris David said...
    Oooohhh...sounds scary. Or, thrilling, I guess. I'm jealous! Six producers bidding after him?

    Seriously, that's really Good News.


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