Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The Christian Fiction Blog Alliance announces our selection for June. I am so excited about this month's book!

It is WAKING LAZARUS! You might know this title because it it the debut novel of Tony L Hines. Tony is the Founder and CEO of the CFB Alliance....three cheers to him for creating a great organization!

But I digress! The book starts off with a bang! "The first time Jude Allman died, he was eight years old."

Jude Allman gave up on society after they turned him into a curiosity. But then what can you expect for someone that has died three times and come back to life just as many times?

He changes his name and goes into hiding in Montana, a broken man. And he does a decent job as a janitor. He has learned to avoid most of society but then children start disappearing. He can't hide any longer. His true identity is found out by a curious woman that he instantly fears.

She draws him out of hiding, making him face questions that have haunted him since the first time he died. As he opens himself up, and relives the memories of his own deaths, Jude grows stronger. Then he has to turn more determined when he realises that his own son had been kidnapped.

Jude holds the key to stopping the abductions, and find his son. What if his deaths aren't just accidents? what if there's a reason behind it? What if he was brought back for this?

This is a must read. And I won't tell you that I'm partial to the town in the book called Bingham...considering that the nearest town to me is Binghamton..which means Bingham town! Or that Jude is one of my favorite names. I'll just tell you it had me going, right to the very end. Tony does a great job of weaving red-herrings and suspense into the perfect basket!



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  1. David Meigs said...
    I loved the book and your review.

    Poor Tony's face has got to hurt from all that smiling. lol

    Go Tony!
    Rulan said...
    wow. This book sounds like it would have me on the edge of my seat.
    Tina said...
    Great review Bonnie.

    Just wanted to let you know that I am also a member of the CFBA and I didn't see my name and link on your side bar. It's Tina at

    Anonymous said...
    Hi, all - My face does indeed hurt from all the smiling. But it's a pain that feels good. :)

    Tina, we're working on sending out another round of confirmations on the Blog Alliance participants, so we can get together an "official" list; Bonnie's also working on some other cool ideas. Hang tight.
    Bonnie S. Calhoun said...
    I loved the book. It was so very cool as a read!

    Tina, we will get you on the list and I'll put you on my sidebar right now!
    M. C. Pearson said...
    Awesome review, babe. That really was a cool read!
    Unknown said...
    Great review, Bonnie!
    Refreshment in Refuge said...
    Waking Lazarus is one of the best reads all year for me!

    Bonnie, I am a member of CFBA, too, I would like a button, too. I'm looking forward to working with you... Tony says great things are going to happen oooo-wheee. This Louisiana gal can't wait!

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