Monday, March 19, 2007

Anna Juggled Too Many Balls

by Bonnie Calhoun

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Now I've been paying attention to the Anna Nicole Smith ongoing saga...which is freaky in itself since the poor woman is dead. This thing has gained a life of its own, especially since the latest father-to-be has stepped up to the plate.

The man is Frederic Von Anhalt, the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor...Now that is just wrong! I don't usually speak ill of the dead, but Ack!!! Yuck!!! Anna what were you thinking. *snort* If she answers me, I'm outta' here. I mean, Zsa Zsa was born around 1917. So how old could this guy be?

We have Anna Nicole Smith's six-month-old daughter, Dannielynn, hanging in limbo with no certifiable daddy. I just thank the Lord that the baby is too young to realize what is going on.

Here's the scorecard so far. First we have Howard K. Stern with his, "possession is nine tenths of the law" attitude. Then we have Larry Birkhead, such cutie pie, but now there's some hoopla that his attorney Debra Opri has split from him because she thinks him and Stern are getting too chummy. What's that all about? Next is the Von Anhalt, "I was having a ten year affair with her" guy. And last but not least is Alex Denk, Anna Nicole's chef turned bodyguard who says he was having a two-year secret affair with Anna.

*Snort* like I said, I don't usually speak ill of the dead, but with juggling this many balls in the air at one time, I think the girl died of exhaustion!

Oh...and the least but most certainly not the last word on this...Anna's sister has suggested that Anna used her dead husband J. Howard Marshall's frozen sperm to conceive Dannielynn.

Oh, the tangled webs we weave, when at first we practice to decieve!

Hang out, and scroll down for the joke!

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If you thought it was!


  1. Paula Neal Mooney said...
    Oh, the title of this post is just cracking me up, Bonnie.

    You definitely have the gift of humor and laughter!
    Bonnie Calhoun said...
    It's all in the words, my friend *snort*

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