Friday, March 16, 2007

This is about THE coolest thing I've seen in a long time! is the book version of Netflix. offers members everything from the latest best sellers to classics in both fiction and non-fiction. The on-line rental service currently consists of over 88,000 audio and paperback titles from 35,200+ authors.

In this day and age of doing everything by computer, this is an awesome service especially for people that too busy to shop and use that as an excuse for not reading. It's so easy! After signing up, browse the Web site and select titles you would like to add to your list.

They automatically ship the number of titles your membership plan allows. The remaining titles on your list will be queued up for future orders. recommends keeping at least 10-15 titles on your list at all times. Can you imaging that...10 to 15 titles always in your que.

And just like Netflix, the faster you send them back...the faster you get more books. As an avid reader, all I can say is, "Cool!"


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If you thought it was!


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