Saturday, March 24, 2007

WomanSavers is a LifeSaver

by Bonnie Calhoun has been around since 2003...but ladies, ladies, ladies, ROFLOL...if I was twenty years younger, and single I would probably be living on this site!

This is the stuff that Dr. Phil shows are made up! *snort* And Jerry Springer show too if you push it far enough. Oh, the cheating men that have become infamous there!

I must have spend a half an hour just looking around. There are totally hysterical, and coffee snorting exposes on cheating men, the world over! If you live somewhere on the planet, they can tell you about a cheating man near you!

Now I have to admit that besides the side-splitting entertainment, I say that only because I'm not on the receiving end of any of it, does have a lot of informational articles geared specifically for women like free medical advice for women that are low income.

I saw a really good section that tugged on my heartstrings because it asks the question, "Are you in an abusive relationship?" God only knows how many women out there are tethered to pain from abusive men and have no one or no where to turn to. So this site can be a very good thing!

Besides the cute little Garfieldesque logo, the side-splitting entertaining what's what on every man that has ever rued the day that he treated a woman badly, the informative articles and help centers, has a section of women's comedy videos, women's games, and adult ECards *snort* the last two of which I'm...LOL...afraid to explore!

Go...check it all out...I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!!!

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If you thought it was!


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