Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yea, But What Are You Going To Grow?

by Bonnie Calhoun

Hey, we made it to Hump Day, and only two things have made me snort this week. Growth hormones...Please tell me why in the name of all that is Holy would someone want to intentionally put a growth chemical into their body?

This borders on being about as bizarre as women taking estrogen after menopause! You wanna' know why that borders on being a "Duh"! Because every woman on the planet goes through menopause. Since the beginning of time!

Get a grip people (especially the men hawking the pills), GOD created woman to go through menopause. Do you think that one night He was sitting around with the angels and said, "Crap! I forgot women are going to need estrogen after menopause! Boy did I screw that up! I'll need someone to create them a pill to fix that mistake!"
It's the same thing with this growth hormone thing. I saw a stupid ad, well actually I got one like it in my email...Slow down the aging process...Feel young again. Yea right, and what kind of parts are you going to grow while your getting younger.

Heck if you take to much you could revert to puberty. *snort* And I know everybody would love to go through that fun and games again! Why can't people just grow old gracefully and be who the Lord made them to be?

I'm still shaking my head.'s a joke from my friend, Ric...

Two women were out for a Saturday stroll. One had a Doberman and the other, a Chihuahua.

As they walked down the street, the one with the Doberman said to her friend, "Let's go over to that bar for a drink."

The lady with the Chihuahua said, "We can't go in there. We've got dogs with us."
The one with the Doberman said, "Just watch, and do as I do."

They walked over to the bar and the one with the Doberman put on a pair of dark glasses and started to walk in.

The bouncer at the door said, "Sorry, lady, no pets allowed."

The woman with the Doberman said, "You don't understand. This is my seeing-eye dog."

The bouncer said, "A Doberman?"

The woman said, "Yes, they're using them now. They're very good."

The bouncer said, "OK, come on in."

The lady with the Chihuahua thought that convincing him that a Chihuahua was a seeing-eye dog may be a bit more difficult, but thought, "What the heck," so she put on her dark glasses and started to walk in.

Once again the bouncer said, "Sorry, lady, no pets allowed."

The woman said, "You don't understand. This is my seeing-eye dog."

The bouncer said, "A Chihuahua?"

The woman with the Chihuahua said, "A Chihuahua? They gave me a @#%!&* Chihuahua?!"

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If you thought it was!


  1. Bernita said...
    Did God forget?
    Best reason to assume God is male.
    Ballpoint Wren said...
    Yes, and hormone replacement therapy drastically increased our rates of breast cancer.

    Now men are all over HRT to stay young. I'm afraid we'll see male cancers increase, now, too.

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