Monday, March 19, 2007

Paula Neal Mooney Monetizes

by Bonnie Calhoun

I am excited to be blogging about Paula Mooney today. Not only is this my first paying post for PayPerPost, but it is also to announce that Paula has her money facts all together in this Money Made Online post.

Granted Paula Mooney hasn't reached the same status as John Chow of John, or Jeremy Schoemaker aka ShoeMoney of Auction Ads, or even that of Darren Rowse who runs Chitika and ProBlogger...but she's on her way. She has made $4,375.75 online!

This post is a must read because she lists every single organization that she has dealt with online including the good, the bad, and the monetarily bountiful. The list is treasure trove of the places to start if you want to make money by blogging. Paula Mooney is an up and coming monetizing star...and you will remember, and I will remind you...that I told you first!

Hey, you can do it to! Wanna make $7.50 to blog about this post? Click here check out their Review My Post program:

If you thought it was!

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  1. Paula Neal Mooney said...
    Sweet, Bonnie. Thank you, again for the link love and wonderful words...

    God is able and worthy to be praised!

    And might I say your blog is looking pretty nifty. Lots of good hard work you've done.

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