Friday, March 16, 2007

Monetizing and SEO

We made it to Friday! In our area there's a flood watch AGAIN...*sigh* Conklin is partially submerged as i write, but cheer up...the flooding will end today because the temperature has dropped and the snow has stopped melting and we're expecting 12 to 16 INCHES OF NEW SNOW.....Is winter over yet?

Anyhow, on to the business at hand. I have done a new post over at How Can I Do That on how to keep both your old and new Blogger templates at the same time to facilitate transferring data while not losing your revenue stream!

It's Monetizing time! The first thing you need to do is submit your blog to the search engines. Go over to How Can I Do That and read THIS post.
It will give you all the particulars and a free SEO tool...(Search Engine Optimization). LOL...It's not a dirty word. It teaches you the best words to get the spiders (webcrawlers) to notice you!

Here's a joke to hold you over the weekend!

Hey, you can do it to! Wanna make $7.50 to blog about this post? Click here check out their Review My Post program:

If you thought it was!


  1. Paula Neal Mooney said...
    Good, Bonnie, good.

    I'm headed on over to your other blog!

    Happy Weekend,
    Anonymous said...
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